Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today we are leaving 2009 and looking forward to receive the new year of 2010. We are turning one of the pages of our lives’ book and curiously move to see what’s on the next. Whether the year was good or not, it has gone and taken a part of our life. Whether we liked it or not, it will soon become the past. Of course, there must be losers and winners. Those who haven’t earned much might have earned few and those who haven’t lost much might have lost few. There are some who had wishes to fulfill certain goals in the elapsed year but haven’t succeeded and probably will receive the next year by the same wish. There are others, who’ll give up their old goals and follow new ones. But, others have no goal in this life and go as if a ship barking in an ocean without compass. Besides, there are some who got bored of wishing change to know its way to them and after long wait, they accepted that fait accompli and surrender to that bitter situation. They indulge in their despair and accept things as they are. We all wish if we could receive the New Year with happy celebrations and baskets of flowers, but it’s not possible. Those who celebrate and eat sweet cakes and count how many gifts they receive are those who see life’s teeth because it mostly smiled at their faces, but others who can’t see its teeth but instead its canines because she never smiled to them, have nothing to do with those celebrations. The leaving or the coming of a year is the same and bring nothing new to their miserable life. They do not know light colors, but just dark ones. The best wish, with which we could receive this New Year, is to wish happiness to every miserable all over the world. Happy New Year miserable!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love yourself!

Grief and sorrow.
Sworn, me to follow!
Sadness and despair,
Given me their care.
Whenever I go!
Whoever I know!
Happiness I don’t believe.
No joy could achieve.
In sadness I wander,
always lost in anger.
Moments of ease are few.
My dark days not new.
Hard times are permanent.
No delight or enchantment.
I’m alive or dead,
or just feeling so sad?
Need help or hope,
or just a peace of rope?
A friend tried to cure,
and did the best to assure:
And told me these words,
Here are them in what follows:
“Make end to that wrath!
Nothing deserves that fight.
Hear your reason!
But not words of season.
Your soul is hearing you,
And your feeling’s over you.
Be strong and go along!
What’s gained from being sad?
It’s no better that song,
of souvenirs and cry.
Whatever you lie!
about yourself, and wish to die.
This is no remedy,
But a peace of comedy,
You always play,
Whenever unable to say:
I failed in my fray.
There’s much to finish.
Why you want to perish?
Give yourself a second chance!
to learn how to dance,
and play on strings of life!
And be at strife.
Tomorrow comes after today,
and we all travelled from yesterday.
Although your despair now,
Grief is like snow.
That melts by temperature,
and becomes just water.
Dry your tears!
And wash your sins!
Look forward!
And keep self assured.”

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beautiful people have a chance of better life!

While chatting with a friend, she told me that “people who could be successful in life are those born rich or those who’re beautiful”. Of course, my friend said so because of her depression and she is conscientious that what she said is completely wrong for the reason that there are a lot of people born poor and sometimes have no beauty, if not to say ugly, but arrive to build a successful life relying on their self efforts and competences. After going on talk, she said that what she can not bear is when she sees some people who do not have any competences, and sometimes may be stupid, and occupy some interesting positions while hundreds of people who couldn’t be compared to them on the level of competences are jobless and automatically live a miserable life. I found nothing to say, just she’s definitely right. Of course, we are not jealous of that person who occupies certain position even if he is not at the level of it, but we sympathize with those who’re better than him hundred of times and do not have such chance. It’s not a problem of chance or luck or destiny, it’s a question of nepotism and inequity. Of course; such favouritism existed and exists in all societies but when it clearly floats on the surface of society, it questioned the social justice.By the way, my friend is beautiful :-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Earthquake hits Morocco

When I woke up this morning, a friend told me jokingly that “there was earthquake!” I didn’t give much importance to what he said and went on preparing myself to go to work. When I arrived to work, as usually, I got in one of the online newspapers to see what’s going on. The first headline that surprised me is that of the earthquake that hit Morocco last night in 1:45 am. Then, I realized that my friend was serious and not joking. The quake was of 5.5 degrees on the Richter scale. And it is said that the quake was sensed in different cities including Tangier, Marrakech, Rabat, Kenitra, Meknes, Fes, Casablanca, where I am, but not in my room because I was just immersed in deep sleep before half an hour. The quake did not cause any casualties or victims because it is identified in the midst of the Atlantic, away some 300 km west of tangier. And it is also reported that the quake is detected in Spain and Portugal. Now, I realize that my sleep is really so deep and even if a bomb or a rocket fall near my head, I can sleep peacefully, may be till I wake up in the cemetery.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Violence against women

The number of women victims of violence around the world is always in raise. And as a complex phenomenon, violence has not only a reason. And here in Morocco, where violence against women is incredibly in increase, I see that among the reasons that help in the spread of violence against women is the bad education children may receive. For me, I see that, at least in popular neighborhoods, man is given some superiority since he’s a child and this pushes him to abuse woman when he becomes adult. In these popular neighborhoods, where women are victims of violence more than other places, and even if this is the effect of different social, cultural reasons…etc; it’s also because of that superiority that masculine has always felt over feminine. This superiority turns to be violence either when a woman wants to show resistance against that man’s patriarchy, or even when she is subjective to his abuses and shows no refusal. And that man who felt always superior over his sister, the daughter of neighbors, and sometimes even over his mother, won’t show any respect to his counterpart in society, woman.

Violence against woman is a complex social problem, but I think, such education has a hand in the production of such man who practices violence and show less respect for woman. But, what’s more dangerous is when those women who are victims of violence rarely find someone to fight on their behalf. And this situation helps in the endurance of their sufferings. And, I think that there is not enough associations in this domain, and those who exist do not work effectively especially in popular neighborhoods and rural towns.

Le nombre de femmes victimes de violence dans le monde est toujours en augmentation. Et comme un phénomène complexe, la violence n'a pas seulement une raison. Et ici, au Maroc, où la violence contre les femmes est incroyablement en hausse, je vois que parmi les raisons qui participent à l’augmentation de ce probleme est la mauvaise éducation que les enfants peuvent recevoir. Pour moi, je vois que, au moins dans les quartiers populaires, l'homme a certaine supériorité depuis qu’il est enfant, et cela le pousse à l'abus de femme quand il devient adulte. Dans ces quartiers populaires, où les femmes sont victimes de violence plus que d'autres endroits, et même ç’est l'effet de différentes raisons sociales, culturelles ... etc; c'est aussi à cause de cette supériorité que le masculin a toujours senti. Cette supériorité va se transformer et devenir violence, soit quand une femme montre sa résistance contre le patriarcat de cet homme, ou même quand elle est subjective à ses abus et ne montre aucun refus. Et cet homme qui se sentait toujours supérieur à sa sœur, à la fille des voisins, et parfois même à sa mère, ne va montrer aucun respect à son homologue dans la société, la femme.

La violence contre la femme est un problème social complexe, mais je pense que cette éducation de la supériorité pour le masculin a une part dans la production d’un homme qui va pratiquer de violence et montre moins de respect pour la femme. Mais, ce qui est plus dangereux, est que ces femmes, victimes de violence, rarement trouvent quelqu’un qui va combattre à leur part. Et cette situation contribue à l'endurance de leurs souffrances. Et, je pense qu'il n'y a pas assez d'associations dans ce domaine, et ceux qui existent ne fonctionnent pas efficacement en particulier dans certains quartiers populaires ou dans les milieux ruraux.

Monday, November 9, 2009

To my mother

You bore me when I was in your womb. You bore hurt I caused you when I just wanted to come out to this world. You bore the stinky smell of my excrement. I pissed on your back hundreds of time and you never complained. You passed nights awake near my head whenever got ill. You bore hunger and you let me eat your part. You bore cold and pay more attention to make me warm. You bore my father’s disputes for my faults. You disputed with the older boys who wanted to hit me. You did everything for me! When I became older, the first thing I did to repay your sacrifices is to sometimes refuse some small requests you were asking me. I might passed hours with friends blathering, and meanly leave you talk and went out for an appointment. When away from home, I may call friends many times and call you few. And again, you never showed your anger not to make this selfish person angry. I’m sure that it’s impossible to repay all favors you did for me, that’s why I ask you to forgive me for any hurt I may caused for you inattentively. You sacrificed your life to make mine and, in turn, I feel that I didn’t and don’t do well for you mother.

I know that you could not read what I wrote because you are illiterate, and since you did the best to let me know these few words so let me show my grateful. I bend my head respectfully for you. You do have a big place in my heart, big kisses!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

To my grandfather’s soul

My grandfather died this is some six years, but his image still comes to me from time to other and I still clearly remember his face. He was an old man in his nineties. An illiterate man who passed all his life in the mountains with a nomadic life style, and if he visited a city in his lifetime it would be for few times just for some administrative matters and his visit wouldn’t last more than few hours. When he calmly left us, he was in good health but as death don’t make any difference between healthy or not, he was taken suddenly. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend his funeral because I was not home when he deceased.

He was a 20th century man from Atlas Mountains. He lived time before the colonization in the “lawless era”, a time of division, instability and insecurity in Morocco. A time when thieves and bandits was roaming all around. He also witnessed the hard times of colonization, when people’s dignity was taken and they were obliged, under force, to do all menial and hard work. A time when a human could be tortured and easily killed with less mercy. He lived times of malnutrition and starvations, and everything was against them including nature that was mean and harsh and was punishing them with less fertility and more disasters.

Before he died, when conditions allow it, I was asking him to tell me some stories about his youth. And even he usually refuses, I sometimes succeed to spur his memory and take him back to the past. He was going back to recollect some parts of his bitter experiences with profound moans and deep sigh. His stories was attractive and when he went on telling, my curiosity was preventing me from listening quietly and I was trying to make some comments or asking some questions for more details. He was, like other people who lived such harsh life and left this world in silence, an example of patience and big pride.

As we were living in one house, I grew up seeing him everyday, and his tenderness could not give me more than a strong love. My grandfather, I love you, peace upon your soul!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old democracies kidnapped freedom of speech

Despite the recognition of freedom of speech as a human right in the universal declaration of human rights, it is so far to achieve, at least, some of this freedom-since we could not talk about complete freedom of speech. Even those democratic countries that praise human being and provide better conditions for his living, could no longer keep their neutrality in dealing with this freedom. And the fibers between freedom and authority have started to be intertwined for some of those countries that were till the near past an example for democracy.

In the Press Freedom Index 2009, many of European countries that were so proud of their positions in this index have fallen and may be changed their minds concerning the declaration of human rights they made. And democracy that was one of the strengths of these countries probably becomes valueless.

If those countries that were known for their inveterate practice of democracy have fallen, what would we say about countries that have just began to put their first paths on the road of democracy, or just think to do so? These countries, among which we find Morocco, didn’t like their positions too and followed their examples and turned some steps back.

For instance France that was (31) in 2007 and (35) in 2008 has turned back to (45) in 2009. Italy that was (35) in 2007 and fallen to (44) in 2008 has arrived to (49) in 2009. Spain that was in the (33) rd position in 2007 and shrunk back to (36) in 2008 has arrived to (46) in 2009. And as an example of the countries who started their democracy trip and may be regretted it, we find Morocco that was (106) in 2007 and return to (122) in 2008 and arrived to (127) in 2009.

Is it a deal between all these countries to finish with what is known as democracy and begin a new journey to another term where no one will be free to open his mouth even to eat? May be it’s the disease of authority that continues to spread and refuses to yield for all voices calling for freedom and giving up old practices. It’s a conspiracy to kidnap freedom of speech and take back some concessions, authority thought have given in a time of inattentiveness.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do all people seek peace?

Every year, we are in appointment with the Nobel Peace Prize, which has gone this year to the US president Barack Obama, but every day we hear just of more tensions and there is no hints of peace, which seems a dream of every one around the globe. And again, peace remains only a dream for humanity. A dream that’s impossible to be realized; sometimes, because there is a great difference in points of view and beliefs among people, and others, because there is a clash of interests that stimulates old tensions and may give birth to new ones.

Is peace beneficial for people? Normally, this is what should be, but of course this is not how things are. We do not need to be experts and make a lot of analysis to understand this. If peaceful and “naïve” people like me are aiming to see a safer world, there are others who profit from war and peace for them is not as positive as it is for me and it may cause destruction to their economical and ideological dreams. So, since it’s normal that every one is always looking for what’s beneficial for him, it’s logic if those people who profit from war fight hardly against peace because simply it’s not on their behalf. Then, on the one hand, if there is explicit work to keep peace, on the other, there are implicit efforts to endure war.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Virginity for 15 $.

China has launched a product that will give girls that lost their virginity a chance to regain it by paying only 15 $. This product is imported secretly to the Arab world where there is a great obsession about virginity and where there’s a direct connection between the girl’s honor and her virginity. And it’s reported that the product has invaded the black market in Syria and Egypt and the sailing of the product has witnessed a remarkable recovery. In Egypt the members of the parliament had called to the banning of the product and the Islamic scholars called for death penalty for those caught importing it.

La Chine a lancé un produit qui va donner aux filles qui ont perdu leur virginité la chance de la retrouver en payant seulement 15 $. Ce produit qui est importé secrètement dans le monde arabe où il y a une grande obsession par la virginité et une connexion directe entre l'honneur de la fille et sa virginité. Et il est reporté que le produit a envahi le marché noir de la Syrie et l'Egypte et la vente du produit a connu un recouvrement remarquable. En Egypte, les membres du Parlement avaient demandé à l'interdiction du produit et les savants islamiques ont appelé pour la mort comme pénalité pour ceux qui sont pris importer ce produit.

If this product is seen as a threat to the morals of Muslims and should be banned, why there’s great tolerance with girls having relations out of marriage? Are these relations that lead to the lost of virginity acceptable and this product that may correct a mistake is unacceptable? It’s really ambivalent to accept the cause and refuse the consequence. When we know that our girls are having relations, and we know that there’s a great possibility of virginity lost, no one comes out and condemn such actions. When a girl lost her virginity because of rape, no one stand to her side when she suffers in silence and no one will send the one who raped her to jail. Besides, when a groom leaves his bride just because she accidentally lost her virginity, no one comes out to make all this fuss. However, when a potential remedy for those girls suffering is available, we come out and fight to endure their suffering.

Si ce produit est considéré comme une menace pour la moralité des musulmans et devrait être interdit, pourquoi il y a une grande tolérance avec les relations en dehors du mariage? Est-ce que ces relations qui mènent à la perte de la virginité sont acceptable et ce produit qui peux corriger une erreur est inacceptable? C'est vraiment ambivalent d'accepter la cause et refuser la conséquence. Quand on sait que nos filles ont des relations, et nous savons qu'il y a une grande possibilité de la perte de virginité, personne n’intervient pour condamner telles actions. Et quand une fille perd sa virginité à cause d’un viol, aucun ne sort pour être à côté d'elle quand elle souffre en silence et personne ne vous enverra celui qu’il l’a violées en prison. D'ailleurs, quand un groom quitte sa fiancée juste parce qu'elle a accidentellement perdu sa virginité, on ne sort de faire tout ce bruit. Toutefois, quand un remède potentiel pour la souffrance de ces filles est disponible, nous sortons et on lutte pour endurer leurs souffrances.

If this product is to be questioned, it might be from the medical side and see to what extent is healthy and not from the side of morals. And we should let those butchers, who resume the honor of girls only in blood, see it and be satisfied of this fake virginity since their view to morals is also fake.

Si ce produit est d'être interrogé, il pourrait être du côté médical et voir dans quelle mesure est bonne pour la santé et non pas du côté de la morale. Et nous devons laisser ces bouchers, qui résume l'honneur des filles que dans le sang, le voir et se satisfait de cette faux virginité depuis leur point de vue de l’honneur est également faux.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Non-fasters and public break-fast in Ramadan

Nowadays, there’s a great fuss made about the manifestation of a group of non fasters who decided to take their sandwiches and eat them in public during day time in Ramadan 7 hours before sunset, the time of “Ftour” (break fast). Leaded by “Zaineb Al Ghazawi”, the journalist in the weekly magazine "Le Journal Hebdomadaire", the members of a group named itself “Mali” "The Alternative Movement for the Defense of Individual Liberties” decided to eat their sandwiches in public in front of the train station in the city of “Mouhamadeia”. This group said that they took this initiative to show their refusal to the article 222 of the Moroccan Penal Code which penalizes public breakfast in Ramadan. But the local authorities quickly ended the manifestation.

Of course, it’s not the first time that someone do not fast in Ramadan here in Morocco, but what’s new is to invite media to witness public breakfast. For decades, in addition to Jews and Christians who are not obliged to fast, there are also Moroccans who do not fast but no one has ever been penalized. What’s to be respected, at least, is the feelings of this majority of Muslims. I’m not against the idea of not fasting, every one is free to do what he believes in, but he should in turn consider the freedom of others. And when we eat in public, while the majority fast, this is a little bit wired and touches the freedom of this majority.

There are many restaurants opened for non-fasters from foreigners and Moroccans, and everyone could go there and practice his complete freedom without being attacked. Also, no one will get in his home to force him for not eating, so he’s his freedom. But, all this fuss is a little bit far of individual liberties as it seems, but it has some smell of polemic.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Everyone is looking for happiness and seeks to make his life calm and full of delight and cheerfulness but it is seemingly unreachable for all people since it’s compulsory to devote some time for ourselves to achieve that attitude, and this is not within the hands of all people.

To be happy in our lives, we need to give ourselves some more time and listen to what they need, but it seems that 24 hours we have a day is no longer enough for all the hustle and hurry of life. And as a quotation of Albert Camus, the French writer, philosopher and journalist, says “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”, we notice that as we loose that harmony within our lives, we be blind to find the happiness door, and keys of our hearts are lost too.

All people forcedly are looking for happiness, everyone from his own perspective, but few are. Some do not know how to be, others do not given the chance to. Some are not because they do not have time to exercise that feeling and others because they can not reach it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Inner side journey

When I try to travel into myself, I feel perplexed and couldn’t find a clear way to follow in my inner trips. Thought-roads separate in my mind Carrefour without signs to follow but the journey should continue. I may take the wrong road, but I’m to decide where to direct my searching-expedition. May be I don’t look for specific ideas or subjects, but it’s a search for the pleasure of thinking and making self discovery.

I always wonder if I could discover and widely understand myself and may pass some time asking questions and make deep investigations, but in most times my efforts go in vain and always come back to the starting point. The investigations I make may help to take some decisions but it’s only for the aim of self-satisfaction and self-understanding.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The night

I be friend the night.
I be friend the dark.
My day becomes a night.
And the night is the mark.
Only with myself,
surrounded by the stuff.
Plunging into my dreams,
or letting down my tears.
Once to the future,
other to the past.
watching my departure,
and how's going too fast.
How long this anger will last?

My question of today:
am I born to obey?
Have I the right to say?
To no body should pray.

Human being is destroying himself by his own hands

Scientific studies showed where there is no doubt that pollution especially that caused by big factories is a cause for the increasing of climate change and global warming. And it becomes known that Ozone hole caused by pollution is becoming wider year after year as the Gas emissions are increasing too and helps in the rising of temperature on our planet and leads to the appearance of new diseases…

These days, leaders of what is known as G8 summit in L’Aquila in Italy in order to discuss global warming and the procedure of reducing Gas emissions. But, away from the misunderstanding between countries concerning plans and policies for this subject, what comes to mind is how could these developed "Industrialized" countries will be able to sacrifice their economic growth and seriously participate in this urgent plan whose aim is to offer some more years of life for earth.

Poor and agricultural countries, who don’t know anything about industry, do not have a hand in this problem; but, we are all equal in front of climate change and global warming. And, since we are in an unfair world which is guided by personal interests, poor nations are going to pay for others’ faults even they do not profit of this development except that they will be subject for more diseases. And, unfortunately, they don’t have access to medicines and automatically it’s their end.

Human being is destroying himself by his own hands. His greediness is an ambition for his development but it might also be a tool that will ruin him and make an end for his existence on this planet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slavery of modern time

Most of people think that slavery has no longer exist, at least in most of countries, but in reality slavery has never finished up till now and probably will continue forever likely in all societies. I don’t know if slavery still exists in some places in its ancient form when people were bought and sold to be owned, but what is clear is that slavery has just changed its form and it persists in the present time and may be for the coming centuries in a new form where people are slaves, sometimes without knowing it and sometimes obliged to be.

In the ancient times, people might become slaves because of the color of their skin, their religion, and because of some political causes...etc. But in general, those who suffered mostly from slavery were poor people. It happened that some rich people became slaves but most of those who were taken as slaves were poor and their poverty was a direct cause for their situation. Also today, poverty is the source of a new kind of slavery.

As poor people, though it seems that you have complete freedom on your actions, but in real you could not be responsible for this social handicap- namely poverty, but, your freedom is guided by few people in the top social class that take direct or indirect actions to prevent you from moving freely and choosing your destiny and they do their best to make big distance between you and your complete freedom.

In this unfair world, depicted by the positive law which is found to secure the interests of this small number of people in the up class and keep the existence of such sectionalism, but far from being equal, poverty is not one self’s faults or his ancestors’, but it has its roots in Aristotle’s theory of slavery. Aristotle sees that some people are naturally slaves and others are naturally masters and this theory exists despite all the hypocritical actions done to show that there is equality of chances between people. And this small number of people in the top class do their best, in the one hand to keep their class smaller and richer as much as possible, and in the other hand other classes larger and poorer as much as possible because if they don’t do so they won’t have in the future all the advantages they have now. In other words, they are born to be masters and others should exist only to serve them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time-train run so fast

It was midnight of a cold night of winter. Lone in the room and silence had crept in. Nothing broke that silence except the sound of barking dogs in the far distance or some sounds of cars passing from time to time in the road. I placed my head on the pillow, but sleep was stolen from my eyes. I tried different tricks, but my thinking was weaving from one place to the other as a happy butterfly in a sunny day. Sometimes, I flied so far to visit some youth souvenirs and met some friends, and others, I just travel to see some faces I don’t know and let events passing me by before coming back to the room. The lamp was drooped from the ceiling and was sending its light as if covering me with some warmth in that cold weather. From time to time, I let my sight examine the room as if searching for certain details or waiting to hear specific answers from its walls.

It’s a short journey. Yes it is. I was wondering if I really arrived to twenty seven. It was like yesterday that I was laying on my mom’s leg and listening to her telling me some stories and playing with my hair till I sleep and took me to bed. Time-train has gone so fast, and it continues running and doesn’t wait for anyone to get in. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I am in or out of this train.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The volcano of authenticy and modernity party (PAM) exploded in the faces of parties

The municipal elections’ results did not bring great surprises for the political map in Morocco. May be it was not expected that authenticity and modernity party (PAM), created by Fouad Ali ELhimma, will come in the head of the list as it is a new born party but in general the results seem a little bit normal. In addition to the consideration of the creator’ friendship with the king, and the great fuss made by the party as well as the lights shed on the party by the media even before the campaign-all these are important elements played a great role in these results.

People have been hearing then name of authenticity and modernity during the whole preceding year of elections especially in the last months because it was imposed on the media by the problems it was creating. The party made a strong upheaval in the political scene and succeeded to disturb the rest of many other parties who probably did not expect all this strength from this child party. The named “historical parties” who have been in the domain since the independence did not bear the flood of PAM. The latter that opened many fields of battles and bring most of the strongest parties to fight, while it’s known that these wars are already won. They made a great fuss about political transhumance and went till the tribunal. They objected against interior ministry and also moved to the opposition just before the campaign. And, of course, since people are always with the winner they followed the flocks of supporters and adherents arriving to their new nest party.

It was not a dynamic party as it’s presented, but it was like a volcano exploded in the faces of parties and its lava covered the municipal councils of the country. But to what extent this lava would be so strong to hide all the problems in the real world. Now, since the party is the winner of the elections and has the majority, we’re waiting the next years to see the reflection of their policies in reality and we will see how this majority would affect the life of citizens in the upcoming years. But, they could not be better than other majorities that won the previous elections including of 2003.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Municipal elections in Morocco

Today, Moroccans are going to participate in elections to choose municipal representatives that will lead and take regard of their interests for the upcoming 6 years. But with over than 30 parties, it is almost impossible to differentiate between each party’s program and what differentiate one from another. And whatever the elections’ results are, it doesn’t exactly mean that this party deserves to win and the other not because most of voters are still voting for persons and not for parties especially in the countryside and suburbs. And since, most of Moroccan population lives in country sides, so parties are eliminated from the political map of this regions and the party’s presence remains sham and without any effects at least in these regions.

One of the most important causes of the problem is illiteracy. And because most of population bases in countryside, it’s normal to see that illiteracy bases also there. However, unfortunately, we do not notice any serious efforts in order to tackle this problem and make an end to this scarecrow and the enemy of development for ever. And this is one of the most important issues that parties should base on. But with this large number of parties, their concentration is far from people’s daily interests and is divided in different political battles between them in order to gain more power that will not of course guided to achieve “development song” the parties are singing during the campaign.

In a country that still have serious problems of development and illiteracy; we need real parties that will transform the power gained by the name of citizens into rational and logical policies that will make every citizen fell that he’s welcomed to participate and be part of the development far from the marginalisation as it is one of the major aspects that differentiate parties in the present time.

It’s quite sure that most of people are not going to vote, not because they are not aware of the important of elections, but they lost trust in parties for years. And parties make any remarkable steps to make a general reconciliation, if not say to build a relation because parties have never had a good relation with people. Parties, today, need to reconciliate themselves first before seeking reconciliation with citizens.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hussein Obama

No one could deny that the speech of the US president Barack Obama from Cairo is the most important international event of 06/04/09. This event is so important for it’s the speech addressed from the president of the strongest country in the world. Also, it has more importance as it’s addressed to the Muslim world, one of the nations with which the west have tough confrontations. Throughout history, Islam and Christianity have confronted since the Crusades up till now. And of course this what the president referred to as historical and religious tensions. This confrontation is remarkably has grown especially after 9/11 events.

Nowadays, Islam is a source of fear for a large number of people in the west and it is remarked that the Islam-phobia is what determining the west in his relation with Muslims in these years especially after 9/11 events and this is what Obama cited here “The attacks of Sept, 11, 2001, and the continued efforts of these extremists to engage in violence against civilians have led some in my country to view Islam as inevitably hostile”.

After these september events, US, under the president Bush, led more blood shed in Muslim countries, namely in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. May be Bush thought that leading war against Muslims would be a solution for this confrontation, but in the contrary, these wars led only to more violence which is still seen here and there in different parts of the world.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama has given a different speech. With his middle name “Hussein” which could be seen as a Muslim background for the current US president and this is what he wanted to strengthen when he said “I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims.”, Obama has cited different verses of Holly Koran as if to say to the Muslims that I have knowledge about Islam and that your religion could be ours too especially when he said in many times that “Koran told us”. And by doing so, may be he wanted to tell both Muslims and the west that Islam has never urged for violence and the hatred between the west, particularly US, and Muslims could be came over.

From Obama speech, we remark a change in US’s policies toward the Muslims. And we could understand that US wants to reach peace. But to what extent US, far from the eloquence of the president’s speech, is trying to solve the problem with Muslims in peaceful ways by listening to the Muslims and accept that they have different characteristics as the west has his own characteristics? But, since the Muslims are in the position of weakness and not of strength, they really don’t have a strong voice in the current world movements. But if the west don’t know how to deal with the strength they have, the violence they want to stop will never ended and the peace we all aiming to be reached will be suspended to another date.

Friday, May 29, 2009

“privation” and “Privilege”

While searching in Oxford dictionary, I strangely begin to analyse the order of two contradictory words “privation” and “Privilege”. The two words appear nearly one next to the other in the dictionary though there is a big difference in reality. The two words are separated only by two other words I find significant for my strange analysis. The alphabetic order of “privation” and “Privilege” necessitates that “privatize” and “privet” comes between them orderly one after the other. And I see that privatization is sweeping all the necessities of creating the word privilege and offer him more strength and, in turn, helps in the appearance of privation and deepens his degree. Privatization is expanding the distance between privation and its synonym misery and privilege and his synonym wealth. And it leads also to more individualism, which is one of the aspects of the savage capitalism whose mission is to destroy the world. The distance between these two words today could be measured sometimes by light years.

The relation between privation and Privilege is controversial and to have some big aspects of the gorgeous word Privilege as we’re noticing nowadays, the word privation should be cracked. And, I think, the word solidarity would have to appear between them but unfortunately his alphabetic order does not permit it. And may be, we’ll have to think in changing its form or creating another word that may help in narrowing a little bit their distance.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Solitude is not always negative

Solitude, in the view of a lot of people is always seen as a negative experience that should be avoided. Yes, it’s true that, to some extent, is presumably bad but solitude is needed and we’ve better experience it from to time as it may have some positive aspects.

Though we need to socialize with people around us and discuss with them, sometimes, it’s better to give ourselves a chance to be alone because when we do so, we could plunge into a profound meditation far from others’ comments and effects they may cause on decisions we take in our lives. While alone, we can deeply understand our inner thoughts and profoundly travel into our imagination to answer some questions we already have in mind or to form new ones that may affect our next steps we want to make. Besides, when we’re alone, we become more ready to organize our ideas and make general evaluation to our situation and to the problems we face.

So if we have this chance of being alone regularly, I think, we may avoid many inconvenient and rush decisions and the way we deal with our problems would be more wise and cool. I’m not saying that I’m perfect and I do the process myself but I try as much as possible to make things take the right direction and we’ll never be perfect.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sadness as an inspiration

Sometimes I find myself nervous and submerge in a flood of anxiety and sadness. I know that all people, more or less, pass this state of mind and I’m not the only one to undergo such feelings, but what I’m interested in is could we tackle this situation and turn such negative feelings to be positive and an inspiration for productivity?

All human being must experience sadness, but people differ only in the degree of their experience. And, as the American author Jim Rohn said “The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy”, it’s better to let a flash of light come through the window of our hearts during the gloomy periods, that way we’ll switch on delight torch to illuminate the darker corner inside us. Therefore, the pain and negative feelings we receive from such experience could turned to be a motivation and a strength we may exploit in creation and productive matters.

Though, during the hardest times when we feel bad and experience sadness, which is a natural necessity for human nature, we’ve better to keep positive as much as possible. I know that it’s not an easy task to do, but with more patience and hope, we’ll make out a way to deal with the situation. And instead of totally be subject for feelings of sorrow, one may find a remedy for the chasm made by such feelings through practicing some matters in which he finds himself be that writing, drawing, playing music or whatever.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give up using modern technologies!

Every person must have some secrets in his life he wants to keep for himself or to share with few people around him. But it seems that modern technologies is breaking this rule and going to rob our privacy. In addition to the information we voluntarily share online, police is going to follow all emails, phone calls, and internet use including social networks use; at least in UK, related to what’s written in BBC. Thus, every one will find himself forcedly followed and his private life is no longer only owned by him but instead shared with other people.

As the modern technologies become an essence for our daily life, the interference of other people in the privacy of our lives is becoming inevitable. And, for instance, when you call or send an email for a friend for a special request, or revealing your feelings for your wife or whatever the case, make sure that your call or your email is not going to be heard or red only by the destination you’ve chosen. May be all these restrictions are good for the safety of people, but it’s not good for their freedom in owning their lives’ details.

From now on, people will think more and more before sending some sensitive information. And the information we want to keep secret and private should be transmitted directly from moth to ear or we have to think in old ways such as sending letters by pigeons, at least these ways offer more prospects of confidentiality than the modern technologies do.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Susan Boyle lesson

The story of the Scottish woman Susan Boyle, who succeeded to reveal her talent even in her late age, is a real inspiration and, I think, a model for every person who wants to reach certain goals in his life. When I first heard her singing, I was really astonished by her voice and the way she was performing but what attracted my attention more was how a woman in that age convinces herself to participate in such competitions though she arrived to forty seven years old.

When she first appeared on stage with her modest clothing and shabby and undressed hair, surely no one admired her. Susan with a wrinkled, shy and innocent face wasn’t believed that she will sing in the fascinating way she did. She stood up on the stage bearing the disgusting looks that were shooting her and feelings of disgust were apparently seen on people’s faces including members of the jury who seemingly didn’t believe that she could even know how to pronounce a word. But, after a while, and with a typical and soft voice, Susan, with deep emotions, started delicately to sing. Then the audience instantly changed his mind and those who were showing feelings of abhorrence and detestation, turn to applaud her warmly and show much respect and admiration.

The story of Susan is a stirring story that teaches us many lessons. We’re thought that we could be creative at any age and we should always believe in our talent and pursue our ambitions. Whatever how old are we, if we have a firm will, age will never be a cramp for the fulfilment of our goals. And as the proverb says “it’s never too late”.