Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Old democracies kidnapped freedom of speech

Despite the recognition of freedom of speech as a human right in the universal declaration of human rights, it is so far to achieve, at least, some of this freedom-since we could not talk about complete freedom of speech. Even those democratic countries that praise human being and provide better conditions for his living, could no longer keep their neutrality in dealing with this freedom. And the fibers between freedom and authority have started to be intertwined for some of those countries that were till the near past an example for democracy.

In the Press Freedom Index 2009, many of European countries that were so proud of their positions in this index have fallen and may be changed their minds concerning the declaration of human rights they made. And democracy that was one of the strengths of these countries probably becomes valueless.

If those countries that were known for their inveterate practice of democracy have fallen, what would we say about countries that have just began to put their first paths on the road of democracy, or just think to do so? These countries, among which we find Morocco, didn’t like their positions too and followed their examples and turned some steps back.

For instance France that was (31) in 2007 and (35) in 2008 has turned back to (45) in 2009. Italy that was (35) in 2007 and fallen to (44) in 2008 has arrived to (49) in 2009. Spain that was in the (33) rd position in 2007 and shrunk back to (36) in 2008 has arrived to (46) in 2009. And as an example of the countries who started their democracy trip and may be regretted it, we find Morocco that was (106) in 2007 and return to (122) in 2008 and arrived to (127) in 2009.

Is it a deal between all these countries to finish with what is known as democracy and begin a new journey to another term where no one will be free to open his mouth even to eat? May be it’s the disease of authority that continues to spread and refuses to yield for all voices calling for freedom and giving up old practices. It’s a conspiracy to kidnap freedom of speech and take back some concessions, authority thought have given in a time of inattentiveness.


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