Friday, September 18, 2009

Non-fasters and public break-fast in Ramadan

Nowadays, there’s a great fuss made about the manifestation of a group of non fasters who decided to take their sandwiches and eat them in public during day time in Ramadan 7 hours before sunset, the time of “Ftour” (break fast). Leaded by “Zaineb Al Ghazawi”, the journalist in the weekly magazine "Le Journal Hebdomadaire", the members of a group named itself “Mali” "The Alternative Movement for the Defense of Individual Liberties” decided to eat their sandwiches in public in front of the train station in the city of “Mouhamadeia”. This group said that they took this initiative to show their refusal to the article 222 of the Moroccan Penal Code which penalizes public breakfast in Ramadan. But the local authorities quickly ended the manifestation.

Of course, it’s not the first time that someone do not fast in Ramadan here in Morocco, but what’s new is to invite media to witness public breakfast. For decades, in addition to Jews and Christians who are not obliged to fast, there are also Moroccans who do not fast but no one has ever been penalized. What’s to be respected, at least, is the feelings of this majority of Muslims. I’m not against the idea of not fasting, every one is free to do what he believes in, but he should in turn consider the freedom of others. And when we eat in public, while the majority fast, this is a little bit wired and touches the freedom of this majority.

There are many restaurants opened for non-fasters from foreigners and Moroccans, and everyone could go there and practice his complete freedom without being attacked. Also, no one will get in his home to force him for not eating, so he’s his freedom. But, all this fuss is a little bit far of individual liberties as it seems, but it has some smell of polemic.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Everyone is looking for happiness and seeks to make his life calm and full of delight and cheerfulness but it is seemingly unreachable for all people since it’s compulsory to devote some time for ourselves to achieve that attitude, and this is not within the hands of all people.

To be happy in our lives, we need to give ourselves some more time and listen to what they need, but it seems that 24 hours we have a day is no longer enough for all the hustle and hurry of life. And as a quotation of Albert Camus, the French writer, philosopher and journalist, says “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”, we notice that as we loose that harmony within our lives, we be blind to find the happiness door, and keys of our hearts are lost too.

All people forcedly are looking for happiness, everyone from his own perspective, but few are. Some do not know how to be, others do not given the chance to. Some are not because they do not have time to exercise that feeling and others because they can not reach it.