Thursday, January 14, 2010

You are a happy butterfly

You swim in the wind of sentiments,
You are a happy butterfly.
The truth I say,
Of course, you no longer need sweets.
A child you aren’t,
Angel it isn’t?

A sweet and beautiful flower like you,
Everyday to be watered,
Not to let shriveled.
Affection and love to be poured on you,
Much care and heed.

Your honesty and sincerity I always liked.
No hypocrisy or deceit,
No evil mate!
I wish you better life and a best follow.
Someone who could know,
Your grief to mow!

I haven’t tried to eulogize,
If don’t like, I apologize.
This I realize.
With few words I just want to praise,
And let my honey in a daze,
Her, I want to amaze!