Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today we are leaving 2009 and looking forward to receive the new year of 2010. We are turning one of the pages of our lives’ book and curiously move to see what’s on the next. Whether the year was good or not, it has gone and taken a part of our life. Whether we liked it or not, it will soon become the past. Of course, there must be losers and winners. Those who haven’t earned much might have earned few and those who haven’t lost much might have lost few. There are some who had wishes to fulfill certain goals in the elapsed year but haven’t succeeded and probably will receive the next year by the same wish. There are others, who’ll give up their old goals and follow new ones. But, others have no goal in this life and go as if a ship barking in an ocean without compass. Besides, there are some who got bored of wishing change to know its way to them and after long wait, they accepted that fait accompli and surrender to that bitter situation. They indulge in their despair and accept things as they are. We all wish if we could receive the New Year with happy celebrations and baskets of flowers, but it’s not possible. Those who celebrate and eat sweet cakes and count how many gifts they receive are those who see life’s teeth because it mostly smiled at their faces, but others who can’t see its teeth but instead its canines because she never smiled to them, have nothing to do with those celebrations. The leaving or the coming of a year is the same and bring nothing new to their miserable life. They do not know light colors, but just dark ones. The best wish, with which we could receive this New Year, is to wish happiness to every miserable all over the world. Happy New Year miserable!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Love yourself!

Grief and sorrow.
Sworn, me to follow!
Sadness and despair,
Given me their care.
Whenever I go!
Whoever I know!
Happiness I don’t believe.
No joy could achieve.
In sadness I wander,
always lost in anger.
Moments of ease are few.
My dark days not new.
Hard times are permanent.
No delight or enchantment.
I’m alive or dead,
or just feeling so sad?
Need help or hope,
or just a peace of rope?
A friend tried to cure,
and did the best to assure:
And told me these words,
Here are them in what follows:
“Make end to that wrath!
Nothing deserves that fight.
Hear your reason!
But not words of season.
Your soul is hearing you,
And your feeling’s over you.
Be strong and go along!
What’s gained from being sad?
It’s no better that song,
of souvenirs and cry.
Whatever you lie!
about yourself, and wish to die.
This is no remedy,
But a peace of comedy,
You always play,
Whenever unable to say:
I failed in my fray.
There’s much to finish.
Why you want to perish?
Give yourself a second chance!
to learn how to dance,
and play on strings of life!
And be at strife.
Tomorrow comes after today,
and we all travelled from yesterday.
Although your despair now,
Grief is like snow.
That melts by temperature,
and becomes just water.
Dry your tears!
And wash your sins!
Look forward!
And keep self assured.”

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beautiful people have a chance of better life!

While chatting with a friend, she told me that “people who could be successful in life are those born rich or those who’re beautiful”. Of course, my friend said so because of her depression and she is conscientious that what she said is completely wrong for the reason that there are a lot of people born poor and sometimes have no beauty, if not to say ugly, but arrive to build a successful life relying on their self efforts and competences. After going on talk, she said that what she can not bear is when she sees some people who do not have any competences, and sometimes may be stupid, and occupy some interesting positions while hundreds of people who couldn’t be compared to them on the level of competences are jobless and automatically live a miserable life. I found nothing to say, just she’s definitely right. Of course, we are not jealous of that person who occupies certain position even if he is not at the level of it, but we sympathize with those who’re better than him hundred of times and do not have such chance. It’s not a problem of chance or luck or destiny, it’s a question of nepotism and inequity. Of course; such favouritism existed and exists in all societies but when it clearly floats on the surface of society, it questioned the social justice.By the way, my friend is beautiful :-)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Earthquake hits Morocco

When I woke up this morning, a friend told me jokingly that “there was earthquake!” I didn’t give much importance to what he said and went on preparing myself to go to work. When I arrived to work, as usually, I got in one of the online newspapers to see what’s going on. The first headline that surprised me is that of the earthquake that hit Morocco last night in 1:45 am. Then, I realized that my friend was serious and not joking. The quake was of 5.5 degrees on the Richter scale. And it is said that the quake was sensed in different cities including Tangier, Marrakech, Rabat, Kenitra, Meknes, Fes, Casablanca, where I am, but not in my room because I was just immersed in deep sleep before half an hour. The quake did not cause any casualties or victims because it is identified in the midst of the Atlantic, away some 300 km west of tangier. And it is also reported that the quake is detected in Spain and Portugal. Now, I realize that my sleep is really so deep and even if a bomb or a rocket fall near my head, I can sleep peacefully, may be till I wake up in the cemetery.