Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today we are leaving 2009 and looking forward to receive the new year of 2010. We are turning one of the pages of our lives’ book and curiously move to see what’s on the next. Whether the year was good or not, it has gone and taken a part of our life. Whether we liked it or not, it will soon become the past. Of course, there must be losers and winners. Those who haven’t earned much might have earned few and those who haven’t lost much might have lost few. There are some who had wishes to fulfill certain goals in the elapsed year but haven’t succeeded and probably will receive the next year by the same wish. There are others, who’ll give up their old goals and follow new ones. But, others have no goal in this life and go as if a ship barking in an ocean without compass. Besides, there are some who got bored of wishing change to know its way to them and after long wait, they accepted that fait accompli and surrender to that bitter situation. They indulge in their despair and accept things as they are. We all wish if we could receive the New Year with happy celebrations and baskets of flowers, but it’s not possible. Those who celebrate and eat sweet cakes and count how many gifts they receive are those who see life’s teeth because it mostly smiled at their faces, but others who can’t see its teeth but instead its canines because she never smiled to them, have nothing to do with those celebrations. The leaving or the coming of a year is the same and bring nothing new to their miserable life. They do not know light colors, but just dark ones. The best wish, with which we could receive this New Year, is to wish happiness to every miserable all over the world. Happy New Year miserable!


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