Monday, December 28, 2009

Love yourself!

Grief and sorrow.
Sworn, me to follow!
Sadness and despair,
Given me their care.
Whenever I go!
Whoever I know!
Happiness I don’t believe.
No joy could achieve.
In sadness I wander,
always lost in anger.
Moments of ease are few.
My dark days not new.
Hard times are permanent.
No delight or enchantment.
I’m alive or dead,
or just feeling so sad?
Need help or hope,
or just a peace of rope?
A friend tried to cure,
and did the best to assure:
And told me these words,
Here are them in what follows:
“Make end to that wrath!
Nothing deserves that fight.
Hear your reason!
But not words of season.
Your soul is hearing you,
And your feeling’s over you.
Be strong and go along!
What’s gained from being sad?
It’s no better that song,
of souvenirs and cry.
Whatever you lie!
about yourself, and wish to die.
This is no remedy,
But a peace of comedy,
You always play,
Whenever unable to say:
I failed in my fray.
There’s much to finish.
Why you want to perish?
Give yourself a second chance!
to learn how to dance,
and play on strings of life!
And be at strife.
Tomorrow comes after today,
and we all travelled from yesterday.
Although your despair now,
Grief is like snow.
That melts by temperature,
and becomes just water.
Dry your tears!
And wash your sins!
Look forward!
And keep self assured.”


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