Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slavery of modern time

Most of people think that slavery has no longer exist, at least in most of countries, but in reality slavery has never finished up till now and probably will continue forever likely in all societies. I don’t know if slavery still exists in some places in its ancient form when people were bought and sold to be owned, but what is clear is that slavery has just changed its form and it persists in the present time and may be for the coming centuries in a new form where people are slaves, sometimes without knowing it and sometimes obliged to be.

In the ancient times, people might become slaves because of the color of their skin, their religion, and because of some political causes...etc. But in general, those who suffered mostly from slavery were poor people. It happened that some rich people became slaves but most of those who were taken as slaves were poor and their poverty was a direct cause for their situation. Also today, poverty is the source of a new kind of slavery.

As poor people, though it seems that you have complete freedom on your actions, but in real you could not be responsible for this social handicap- namely poverty, but, your freedom is guided by few people in the top social class that take direct or indirect actions to prevent you from moving freely and choosing your destiny and they do their best to make big distance between you and your complete freedom.

In this unfair world, depicted by the positive law which is found to secure the interests of this small number of people in the up class and keep the existence of such sectionalism, but far from being equal, poverty is not one self’s faults or his ancestors’, but it has its roots in Aristotle’s theory of slavery. Aristotle sees that some people are naturally slaves and others are naturally masters and this theory exists despite all the hypocritical actions done to show that there is equality of chances between people. And this small number of people in the top class do their best, in the one hand to keep their class smaller and richer as much as possible, and in the other hand other classes larger and poorer as much as possible because if they don’t do so they won’t have in the future all the advantages they have now. In other words, they are born to be masters and others should exist only to serve them.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time-train run so fast

It was midnight of a cold night of winter. Lone in the room and silence had crept in. Nothing broke that silence except the sound of barking dogs in the far distance or some sounds of cars passing from time to time in the road. I placed my head on the pillow, but sleep was stolen from my eyes. I tried different tricks, but my thinking was weaving from one place to the other as a happy butterfly in a sunny day. Sometimes, I flied so far to visit some youth souvenirs and met some friends, and others, I just travel to see some faces I don’t know and let events passing me by before coming back to the room. The lamp was drooped from the ceiling and was sending its light as if covering me with some warmth in that cold weather. From time to time, I let my sight examine the room as if searching for certain details or waiting to hear specific answers from its walls.

It’s a short journey. Yes it is. I was wondering if I really arrived to twenty seven. It was like yesterday that I was laying on my mom’s leg and listening to her telling me some stories and playing with my hair till I sleep and took me to bed. Time-train has gone so fast, and it continues running and doesn’t wait for anyone to get in. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I am in or out of this train.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The volcano of authenticy and modernity party (PAM) exploded in the faces of parties

The municipal elections’ results did not bring great surprises for the political map in Morocco. May be it was not expected that authenticity and modernity party (PAM), created by Fouad Ali ELhimma, will come in the head of the list as it is a new born party but in general the results seem a little bit normal. In addition to the consideration of the creator’ friendship with the king, and the great fuss made by the party as well as the lights shed on the party by the media even before the campaign-all these are important elements played a great role in these results.

People have been hearing then name of authenticity and modernity during the whole preceding year of elections especially in the last months because it was imposed on the media by the problems it was creating. The party made a strong upheaval in the political scene and succeeded to disturb the rest of many other parties who probably did not expect all this strength from this child party. The named “historical parties” who have been in the domain since the independence did not bear the flood of PAM. The latter that opened many fields of battles and bring most of the strongest parties to fight, while it’s known that these wars are already won. They made a great fuss about political transhumance and went till the tribunal. They objected against interior ministry and also moved to the opposition just before the campaign. And, of course, since people are always with the winner they followed the flocks of supporters and adherents arriving to their new nest party.

It was not a dynamic party as it’s presented, but it was like a volcano exploded in the faces of parties and its lava covered the municipal councils of the country. But to what extent this lava would be so strong to hide all the problems in the real world. Now, since the party is the winner of the elections and has the majority, we’re waiting the next years to see the reflection of their policies in reality and we will see how this majority would affect the life of citizens in the upcoming years. But, they could not be better than other majorities that won the previous elections including of 2003.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Municipal elections in Morocco

Today, Moroccans are going to participate in elections to choose municipal representatives that will lead and take regard of their interests for the upcoming 6 years. But with over than 30 parties, it is almost impossible to differentiate between each party’s program and what differentiate one from another. And whatever the elections’ results are, it doesn’t exactly mean that this party deserves to win and the other not because most of voters are still voting for persons and not for parties especially in the countryside and suburbs. And since, most of Moroccan population lives in country sides, so parties are eliminated from the political map of this regions and the party’s presence remains sham and without any effects at least in these regions.

One of the most important causes of the problem is illiteracy. And because most of population bases in countryside, it’s normal to see that illiteracy bases also there. However, unfortunately, we do not notice any serious efforts in order to tackle this problem and make an end to this scarecrow and the enemy of development for ever. And this is one of the most important issues that parties should base on. But with this large number of parties, their concentration is far from people’s daily interests and is divided in different political battles between them in order to gain more power that will not of course guided to achieve “development song” the parties are singing during the campaign.

In a country that still have serious problems of development and illiteracy; we need real parties that will transform the power gained by the name of citizens into rational and logical policies that will make every citizen fell that he’s welcomed to participate and be part of the development far from the marginalisation as it is one of the major aspects that differentiate parties in the present time.

It’s quite sure that most of people are not going to vote, not because they are not aware of the important of elections, but they lost trust in parties for years. And parties make any remarkable steps to make a general reconciliation, if not say to build a relation because parties have never had a good relation with people. Parties, today, need to reconciliate themselves first before seeking reconciliation with citizens.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hussein Obama

No one could deny that the speech of the US president Barack Obama from Cairo is the most important international event of 06/04/09. This event is so important for it’s the speech addressed from the president of the strongest country in the world. Also, it has more importance as it’s addressed to the Muslim world, one of the nations with which the west have tough confrontations. Throughout history, Islam and Christianity have confronted since the Crusades up till now. And of course this what the president referred to as historical and religious tensions. This confrontation is remarkably has grown especially after 9/11 events.

Nowadays, Islam is a source of fear for a large number of people in the west and it is remarked that the Islam-phobia is what determining the west in his relation with Muslims in these years especially after 9/11 events and this is what Obama cited here “The attacks of Sept, 11, 2001, and the continued efforts of these extremists to engage in violence against civilians have led some in my country to view Islam as inevitably hostile”.

After these september events, US, under the president Bush, led more blood shed in Muslim countries, namely in Afghanistan and later in Iraq. May be Bush thought that leading war against Muslims would be a solution for this confrontation, but in the contrary, these wars led only to more violence which is still seen here and there in different parts of the world.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama has given a different speech. With his middle name “Hussein” which could be seen as a Muslim background for the current US president and this is what he wanted to strengthen when he said “I am a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family that includes generations of Muslims.”, Obama has cited different verses of Holly Koran as if to say to the Muslims that I have knowledge about Islam and that your religion could be ours too especially when he said in many times that “Koran told us”. And by doing so, may be he wanted to tell both Muslims and the west that Islam has never urged for violence and the hatred between the west, particularly US, and Muslims could be came over.

From Obama speech, we remark a change in US’s policies toward the Muslims. And we could understand that US wants to reach peace. But to what extent US, far from the eloquence of the president’s speech, is trying to solve the problem with Muslims in peaceful ways by listening to the Muslims and accept that they have different characteristics as the west has his own characteristics? But, since the Muslims are in the position of weakness and not of strength, they really don’t have a strong voice in the current world movements. But if the west don’t know how to deal with the strength they have, the violence they want to stop will never ended and the peace we all aiming to be reached will be suspended to another date.