Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slavery of modern time

Most of people think that slavery has no longer exist, at least in most of countries, but in reality slavery has never finished up till now and probably will continue forever likely in all societies. I don’t know if slavery still exists in some places in its ancient form when people were bought and sold to be owned, but what is clear is that slavery has just changed its form and it persists in the present time and may be for the coming centuries in a new form where people are slaves, sometimes without knowing it and sometimes obliged to be.

In the ancient times, people might become slaves because of the color of their skin, their religion, and because of some political causes...etc. But in general, those who suffered mostly from slavery were poor people. It happened that some rich people became slaves but most of those who were taken as slaves were poor and their poverty was a direct cause for their situation. Also today, poverty is the source of a new kind of slavery.

As poor people, though it seems that you have complete freedom on your actions, but in real you could not be responsible for this social handicap- namely poverty, but, your freedom is guided by few people in the top social class that take direct or indirect actions to prevent you from moving freely and choosing your destiny and they do their best to make big distance between you and your complete freedom.

In this unfair world, depicted by the positive law which is found to secure the interests of this small number of people in the up class and keep the existence of such sectionalism, but far from being equal, poverty is not one self’s faults or his ancestors’, but it has its roots in Aristotle’s theory of slavery. Aristotle sees that some people are naturally slaves and others are naturally masters and this theory exists despite all the hypocritical actions done to show that there is equality of chances between people. And this small number of people in the top class do their best, in the one hand to keep their class smaller and richer as much as possible, and in the other hand other classes larger and poorer as much as possible because if they don’t do so they won’t have in the future all the advantages they have now. In other words, they are born to be masters and others should exist only to serve them.


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