Friday, June 12, 2009

Municipal elections in Morocco

Today, Moroccans are going to participate in elections to choose municipal representatives that will lead and take regard of their interests for the upcoming 6 years. But with over than 30 parties, it is almost impossible to differentiate between each party’s program and what differentiate one from another. And whatever the elections’ results are, it doesn’t exactly mean that this party deserves to win and the other not because most of voters are still voting for persons and not for parties especially in the countryside and suburbs. And since, most of Moroccan population lives in country sides, so parties are eliminated from the political map of this regions and the party’s presence remains sham and without any effects at least in these regions.

One of the most important causes of the problem is illiteracy. And because most of population bases in countryside, it’s normal to see that illiteracy bases also there. However, unfortunately, we do not notice any serious efforts in order to tackle this problem and make an end to this scarecrow and the enemy of development for ever. And this is one of the most important issues that parties should base on. But with this large number of parties, their concentration is far from people’s daily interests and is divided in different political battles between them in order to gain more power that will not of course guided to achieve “development song” the parties are singing during the campaign.

In a country that still have serious problems of development and illiteracy; we need real parties that will transform the power gained by the name of citizens into rational and logical policies that will make every citizen fell that he’s welcomed to participate and be part of the development far from the marginalisation as it is one of the major aspects that differentiate parties in the present time.

It’s quite sure that most of people are not going to vote, not because they are not aware of the important of elections, but they lost trust in parties for years. And parties make any remarkable steps to make a general reconciliation, if not say to build a relation because parties have never had a good relation with people. Parties, today, need to reconciliate themselves first before seeking reconciliation with citizens.


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