Monday, June 15, 2009

The volcano of authenticy and modernity party (PAM) exploded in the faces of parties

The municipal elections’ results did not bring great surprises for the political map in Morocco. May be it was not expected that authenticity and modernity party (PAM), created by Fouad Ali ELhimma, will come in the head of the list as it is a new born party but in general the results seem a little bit normal. In addition to the consideration of the creator’ friendship with the king, and the great fuss made by the party as well as the lights shed on the party by the media even before the campaign-all these are important elements played a great role in these results.

People have been hearing then name of authenticity and modernity during the whole preceding year of elections especially in the last months because it was imposed on the media by the problems it was creating. The party made a strong upheaval in the political scene and succeeded to disturb the rest of many other parties who probably did not expect all this strength from this child party. The named “historical parties” who have been in the domain since the independence did not bear the flood of PAM. The latter that opened many fields of battles and bring most of the strongest parties to fight, while it’s known that these wars are already won. They made a great fuss about political transhumance and went till the tribunal. They objected against interior ministry and also moved to the opposition just before the campaign. And, of course, since people are always with the winner they followed the flocks of supporters and adherents arriving to their new nest party.

It was not a dynamic party as it’s presented, but it was like a volcano exploded in the faces of parties and its lava covered the municipal councils of the country. But to what extent this lava would be so strong to hide all the problems in the real world. Now, since the party is the winner of the elections and has the majority, we’re waiting the next years to see the reflection of their policies in reality and we will see how this majority would affect the life of citizens in the upcoming years. But, they could not be better than other majorities that won the previous elections including of 2003.


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