Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time-train run so fast

It was midnight of a cold night of winter. Lone in the room and silence had crept in. Nothing broke that silence except the sound of barking dogs in the far distance or some sounds of cars passing from time to time in the road. I placed my head on the pillow, but sleep was stolen from my eyes. I tried different tricks, but my thinking was weaving from one place to the other as a happy butterfly in a sunny day. Sometimes, I flied so far to visit some youth souvenirs and met some friends, and others, I just travel to see some faces I don’t know and let events passing me by before coming back to the room. The lamp was drooped from the ceiling and was sending its light as if covering me with some warmth in that cold weather. From time to time, I let my sight examine the room as if searching for certain details or waiting to hear specific answers from its walls.

It’s a short journey. Yes it is. I was wondering if I really arrived to twenty seven. It was like yesterday that I was laying on my mom’s leg and listening to her telling me some stories and playing with my hair till I sleep and took me to bed. Time-train has gone so fast, and it continues running and doesn’t wait for anyone to get in. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I am in or out of this train.

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  1. merci pour le passage! et le comm!
    tu seras tjs bienvenu!