Thursday, April 28, 2011

Explosion at "Argana" Café in Marrakech

We all received, with sadness and grief, news of devastating explosion in the “Argana” café in Jamaa Lefna square in Marrakech. News talks about 15 deaths among them 11 foreigners the majority of them are of French nationality, and many others injured. The first thing that came to my mind when heard the news is my brother who lives there. Even, this probability was a little far, as I knew he would be at work at such time, but anything was expected. And, as I thought of my brother, everyone whose relative or family is in Marrakech today April 28th would have the same worries after hearing this sad news. But, what if the presence of his relatives in the place of the attacks is a reality, or what if the suppositions worsen, and his relative got injured or, unfortunately, died. It’s a bad case; no one would like it, for himself or his relatives. For that, we present our condolences and feeling of solidarity to all the victims of these barbaric attacks, that touch the security and serenity of this city and the country as a whole, but who’s responsible? Days will reveal more details.

At this link, you can see some photos of the place of the explosion: