Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Do all people seek peace?

Every year, we are in appointment with the Nobel Peace Prize, which has gone this year to the US president Barack Obama, but every day we hear just of more tensions and there is no hints of peace, which seems a dream of every one around the globe. And again, peace remains only a dream for humanity. A dream that’s impossible to be realized; sometimes, because there is a great difference in points of view and beliefs among people, and others, because there is a clash of interests that stimulates old tensions and may give birth to new ones.

Is peace beneficial for people? Normally, this is what should be, but of course this is not how things are. We do not need to be experts and make a lot of analysis to understand this. If peaceful and “na├»ve” people like me are aiming to see a safer world, there are others who profit from war and peace for them is not as positive as it is for me and it may cause destruction to their economical and ideological dreams. So, since it’s normal that every one is always looking for what’s beneficial for him, it’s logic if those people who profit from war fight hardly against peace because simply it’s not on their behalf. Then, on the one hand, if there is explicit work to keep peace, on the other, there are implicit efforts to endure war.


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