Saturday, April 25, 2009

Susan Boyle lesson

The story of the Scottish woman Susan Boyle, who succeeded to reveal her talent even in her late age, is a real inspiration and, I think, a model for every person who wants to reach certain goals in his life. When I first heard her singing, I was really astonished by her voice and the way she was performing but what attracted my attention more was how a woman in that age convinces herself to participate in such competitions though she arrived to forty seven years old.

When she first appeared on stage with her modest clothing and shabby and undressed hair, surely no one admired her. Susan with a wrinkled, shy and innocent face wasn’t believed that she will sing in the fascinating way she did. She stood up on the stage bearing the disgusting looks that were shooting her and feelings of disgust were apparently seen on people’s faces including members of the jury who seemingly didn’t believe that she could even know how to pronounce a word. But, after a while, and with a typical and soft voice, Susan, with deep emotions, started delicately to sing. Then the audience instantly changed his mind and those who were showing feelings of abhorrence and detestation, turn to applaud her warmly and show much respect and admiration.

The story of Susan is a stirring story that teaches us many lessons. We’re thought that we could be creative at any age and we should always believe in our talent and pursue our ambitions. Whatever how old are we, if we have a firm will, age will never be a cramp for the fulfilment of our goals. And as the proverb says “it’s never too late”.


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