Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give up using modern technologies!

Every person must have some secrets in his life he wants to keep for himself or to share with few people around him. But it seems that modern technologies is breaking this rule and going to rob our privacy. In addition to the information we voluntarily share online, police is going to follow all emails, phone calls, and internet use including social networks use; at least in UK, related to what’s written in BBC. Thus, every one will find himself forcedly followed and his private life is no longer only owned by him but instead shared with other people.

As the modern technologies become an essence for our daily life, the interference of other people in the privacy of our lives is becoming inevitable. And, for instance, when you call or send an email for a friend for a special request, or revealing your feelings for your wife or whatever the case, make sure that your call or your email is not going to be heard or red only by the destination you’ve chosen. May be all these restrictions are good for the safety of people, but it’s not good for their freedom in owning their lives’ details.

From now on, people will think more and more before sending some sensitive information. And the information we want to keep secret and private should be transmitted directly from moth to ear or we have to think in old ways such as sending letters by pigeons, at least these ways offer more prospects of confidentiality than the modern technologies do.


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