Friday, May 29, 2009

“privation” and “Privilege”

While searching in Oxford dictionary, I strangely begin to analyse the order of two contradictory words “privation” and “Privilege”. The two words appear nearly one next to the other in the dictionary though there is a big difference in reality. The two words are separated only by two other words I find significant for my strange analysis. The alphabetic order of “privation” and “Privilege” necessitates that “privatize” and “privet” comes between them orderly one after the other. And I see that privatization is sweeping all the necessities of creating the word privilege and offer him more strength and, in turn, helps in the appearance of privation and deepens his degree. Privatization is expanding the distance between privation and its synonym misery and privilege and his synonym wealth. And it leads also to more individualism, which is one of the aspects of the savage capitalism whose mission is to destroy the world. The distance between these two words today could be measured sometimes by light years.

The relation between privation and Privilege is controversial and to have some big aspects of the gorgeous word Privilege as we’re noticing nowadays, the word privation should be cracked. And, I think, the word solidarity would have to appear between them but unfortunately his alphabetic order does not permit it. And may be, we’ll have to think in changing its form or creating another word that may help in narrowing a little bit their distance.


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