Monday, November 9, 2009

To my mother

You bore me when I was in your womb. You bore hurt I caused you when I just wanted to come out to this world. You bore the stinky smell of my excrement. I pissed on your back hundreds of time and you never complained. You passed nights awake near my head whenever got ill. You bore hunger and you let me eat your part. You bore cold and pay more attention to make me warm. You bore my father’s disputes for my faults. You disputed with the older boys who wanted to hit me. You did everything for me! When I became older, the first thing I did to repay your sacrifices is to sometimes refuse some small requests you were asking me. I might passed hours with friends blathering, and meanly leave you talk and went out for an appointment. When away from home, I may call friends many times and call you few. And again, you never showed your anger not to make this selfish person angry. I’m sure that it’s impossible to repay all favors you did for me, that’s why I ask you to forgive me for any hurt I may caused for you inattentively. You sacrificed your life to make mine and, in turn, I feel that I didn’t and don’t do well for you mother.

I know that you could not read what I wrote because you are illiterate, and since you did the best to let me know these few words so let me show my grateful. I bend my head respectfully for you. You do have a big place in my heart, big kisses!!


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