Thursday, February 10, 2011

Are women equal to men in Morocco?

No one could deny that Moroccan women have gained more rights and their position has changed from what it was on, decades before. In the past, Moroccan woman wasn’t allowed to do different jobs and seen incompetent in different terms including the taking of responsibility and leading positions. Of course there were exceptions, but in general woman had one responsibility, that of taking responsibility of home tasks and children.

And now, there is a noticeable change, and woman has invaded many fields that were till the near past inappropriate for her to access. Therefore, and as woman is a part of society and has an important role in it, many changes have came to society with that change of woman’s position from a housewife to a woman that works and passes most of her time outside.

Before, woman was waiting in her parents’ home for a husband that will come and ask for her hand for marriage, and automatically he will take responsibility of preparing everything for this marriage and provide financial conditions for this new family; either they live separately, or together with the husband’s parents, and in her turn she’ll take care of her husband and expected children, and of course her husband’s parents if they live with them.

Now, after woman has started to work as the husband, and both genders have equal rights, many things have stood unchanged from the past. In marriage for instance, woman still rely on man to prepare everything for new family and take all financial responsibilities that he, in turn sees them as his pure own, though she’s able to help. Also, man sees house tasks as pure woman’s responsibilities she had to do even after a long exhausting day at her work outside, and there are husbands that may lay for hours at home waiting for their wives to come from work and go cook their meal, and if there are children means more duties.

I do not generalize, and I know that there are exceptions where both share everything from emotions to ambitions arriving to duties and rights, including the right to take decisions, but mostly everyone sees equality from his own view and there still much far from what equality is or should be.


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