Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pleasure of writing

Though I don’t regularly post on my blog, but I habitually write. Sometimes about my bio, others about any topic that comes to mind, and sometimes just travel inside my mind to check if there’s some inspirational stories and try to form words and sentences to feel the pleasure of writing and at the same time bear its pain. The challenge I always faced is the inability to finish my writings and I stopped many articles, that I still think are about good or at least worth to write about topics, at the middle of the way and never come back to finish them. I’m not a professional writer or blogger, but I’m intrigued by writing practise. And from time to other, I intend to share some of those writings on the blog. Yes, it’s true that a blog importance is mostly measured by how much interaction and comments it receives, and despite my blog receives less comments and have only few on some posts, but I think, though I should not judge myself, that content I post is not that bad but interaction is affected by the number of visitors of the blog, and this is my blog’s problem due to the lack of optimization. Nevertheless, I keep posting, since I’m pleased when practicing writing and also since there still at least some people that comes across my posts and have look. And I still keep some hope that I could receive comments on my future posts, who knows?!

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  1. Never give up in posting your inspiritional write-ups irrespective of the low comments received. You are touching lives. Some visitors don't usually leave a comment-Kingsley Paul, owner of http://www.motivateal.blogspot.com