Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sadness as an inspiration

Sometimes I find myself nervous and submerge in a flood of anxiety and sadness. I know that all people, more or less, pass this state of mind and I’m not the only one to undergo such feelings, but what I’m interested in is could we tackle this situation and turn such negative feelings to be positive and an inspiration for productivity?

All human being must experience sadness, but people differ only in the degree of their experience. And, as the American author Jim Rohn said “The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy”, it’s better to let a flash of light come through the window of our hearts during the gloomy periods, that way we’ll switch on delight torch to illuminate the darker corner inside us. Therefore, the pain and negative feelings we receive from such experience could turned to be a motivation and a strength we may exploit in creation and productive matters.

Though, during the hardest times when we feel bad and experience sadness, which is a natural necessity for human nature, we’ve better to keep positive as much as possible. I know that it’s not an easy task to do, but with more patience and hope, we’ll make out a way to deal with the situation. And instead of totally be subject for feelings of sorrow, one may find a remedy for the chasm made by such feelings through practicing some matters in which he finds himself be that writing, drawing, playing music or whatever.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Give up using modern technologies!

Every person must have some secrets in his life he wants to keep for himself or to share with few people around him. But it seems that modern technologies is breaking this rule and going to rob our privacy. In addition to the information we voluntarily share online, police is going to follow all emails, phone calls, and internet use including social networks use; at least in UK, related to what’s written in BBC. Thus, every one will find himself forcedly followed and his private life is no longer only owned by him but instead shared with other people.

As the modern technologies become an essence for our daily life, the interference of other people in the privacy of our lives is becoming inevitable. And, for instance, when you call or send an email for a friend for a special request, or revealing your feelings for your wife or whatever the case, make sure that your call or your email is not going to be heard or red only by the destination you’ve chosen. May be all these restrictions are good for the safety of people, but it’s not good for their freedom in owning their lives’ details.

From now on, people will think more and more before sending some sensitive information. And the information we want to keep secret and private should be transmitted directly from moth to ear or we have to think in old ways such as sending letters by pigeons, at least these ways offer more prospects of confidentiality than the modern technologies do.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Susan Boyle lesson

The story of the Scottish woman Susan Boyle, who succeeded to reveal her talent even in her late age, is a real inspiration and, I think, a model for every person who wants to reach certain goals in his life. When I first heard her singing, I was really astonished by her voice and the way she was performing but what attracted my attention more was how a woman in that age convinces herself to participate in such competitions though she arrived to forty seven years old.

When she first appeared on stage with her modest clothing and shabby and undressed hair, surely no one admired her. Susan with a wrinkled, shy and innocent face wasn’t believed that she will sing in the fascinating way she did. She stood up on the stage bearing the disgusting looks that were shooting her and feelings of disgust were apparently seen on people’s faces including members of the jury who seemingly didn’t believe that she could even know how to pronounce a word. But, after a while, and with a typical and soft voice, Susan, with deep emotions, started delicately to sing. Then the audience instantly changed his mind and those who were showing feelings of abhorrence and detestation, turn to applaud her warmly and show much respect and admiration.

The story of Susan is a stirring story that teaches us many lessons. We’re thought that we could be creative at any age and we should always believe in our talent and pursue our ambitions. Whatever how old are we, if we have a firm will, age will never be a cramp for the fulfilment of our goals. And as the proverb says “it’s never too late”.