Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dreams of youth!

Back on board of imagination waves, I travel far away to the early age of my youth. I feel fascinated by the plain life and smitten by sweet dreams. Everything was simple, and easy to be reached. Oh! How many palaces, castles, houses…I had in my, both, night and day, dreams. I dreamed of bigger things, bigger than my shrimpy body. But I didn’t know, and wasn’t mature enough to realize how life is going to become complicated and darker, and how all that fortune is going to fade away. Life complication evolves in parallel to my body’s size. The bigger I become, the bigger it turns to be, till it becomes a monster I could not face. And the older I become, the tougher I have to fight, and the more I try, the more I hurt myself, and sometimes others. The dreams that were sweet have become just a pan of tar seeping its bitterness all around. Without hope, the only arm I still own, my ending would have arrived before this time.


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