Thursday, March 17, 2011

Revolution in Lybia

After the successive fall down of authoritative systems of Ben Ali in Tunisia and of Husni Mubarak in Egypt, the whole world have been waiting confidently to see the same scenario in Lybia with Muaamar Quadafi after the start of manifestations in the country. After days of peaceful manifestations, “the prophecy” hasn’t come true and Quaddafi didn’t resign or toppled from his position, and the worst even come when the conflict turned to bee an armed fight and Quaddafi started the slaughter against his opponents.

In the first days of the fight, “the rebels” were, or seemed to be, winning the fight and they were moving forward Tripoli, where Quaddafi take refuge. However, now the balance of strength has completely changed, and the rebels forced out of many cities they have controlled earlier, and now Quaddafi has regained his confidence and reorganized his legions and moves eastward, and now he’s in the doors of Benghazi, the last stronghold of rebels.

But where is the west from all this?

Perhaps, the events that boomed suddenly in the Arab world has come in a rush way and the west didn’t have enough time to study all the probabilities of any decision it could make, and western countries don’t want to lose their interests and benefits, even they took a decision against Quaddafi later, especially when the rebels seemed to be moving confidently to win the fight. But now, the rebels are losing, and perhaps, as Quadafi’s son Sayf Al Islam has said, we’ll gain control over Benghazi after two days, and he even said that “the no-fly zone is too late”, that may mean that the west would have helped the rebels before we arrived to that advanced stage and regained control of the country and we’ll crash every one that comes in front of us as Quddafi didn’t stop to repeat.

And what about Russia and China?

Now, Russia and China are against Lybian people, and they fought against the decision of no-fly zone in UN, and they took a promise from Quaddafi to be rewarded for that, and he Quaddafi even declared it. It’s a shame on Russia and China, because they want to take petrol from Lybia, but they forget that it’s mingled with Libyan blood.

And the Arab world?

The Arabs are powerless, and systems of the Arab countries are very sick, and if they are not, nothing of all this would have happened, and now they are being treated clinically, and we have just to wish their cure as quickly as possible. And it’s known that the Arab’s voice is no important in the international policies. What are we waiting, a word from a dead body!


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