Monday, July 26, 2010

The resume of work after holidays!

After two weeks of vacation I resumed work this morning, and I needn't to tell you how boring is the first day at work after days of holidays. Concerning sleep, I didn't find any problems with it this morning since I used to wake up during holiday days at the same time as I used to when at work; but what I used not to be familiar with is to make any mental efforts or be punctual for any appointment, and this is all what I’ve to do as I’m back to work. I may have made some physical efforts, but I always tried to keep away from any stress and anything that could cause some of it because I know that situation won't last for long and I'll be back to the hustle and bustle of the city and strain of work.

I passed my holidays with my parents in a calm and small town that was lying in a deep sleep near a lake, and nothing was disturbing that calm except some rush July storms that passed quickly, before they left for the permanent quietness, may be just to remind people of their existence. With the hot weather there, I passed hours in the lake swimming as if I wanted to wash something from over my shoulders and I actually managed to get rid of some of the pressure and with it some of my shoulders' skin. I also took the advantage of these days off and visited some members of family and some old friends. Two weeks has passed as if two days but holidays really make the difference!


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