Monday, February 15, 2010

The margin of trust in society has minimized

Aristotle said once that “Man is a social animal”. Means that man could not live alone and he must get in relation with the members of the society around him. Man needs companionship, friendship, love…etc. But nowadays the margin of trust in society has minimized. Does the world became crueler and everyone takes much care to his own interests and has tendency to care more about his own welfare as an individual, or man has always been like this?

Human relations have broken and idealistic qualities such as true friendship, true love…etc, become questionable. Does the fastness mode of life is a cause of this break down or there are more reasons for this problem that could not be denied? Man concerns more about what is beneficial for him as individual and does not interest much for the other including the community in which he lives –society.

Day after day, I wonder do really true qualities, in which I believe, still exist somewhere, or my naïve view to this cruel world really caused this distorted image of society. Do all these questions, to which I can’t find convincing answers, are legitimate or just posed by the bad experience I may have come across? But, I think, I am not the only to ask these questions.


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